Hi Donovan.

Thank you so much for being a part of our Gala last night and making the event so special. You completely blew everyone away giving a performance that I will never forget, and the morning after leaves us even more enthralled with you and Rebecca than even before.

Mental Health America is an organization that succeeds only because of the type of committed people that make up the Association. We attract people that want to make a difference in the world and we work hard to do that together. We have found that in you and Rebecca. 

As much as your talent shines through, it is your connection that comes through more, to each other, to us as leaders of the Association, and to the audience. You both made  us proud as you represented us last night and hopefully will continue to do so in years to come. 

Please stay in touch with us and know that we will be following your travels, as our hearts will be with you and Rebecca until we see you again. 


Stephen C McCaffrey, JD


America's Network for Mental Health Information and Advocacy


Great working with you Donovan!

You guys are fantastic and I wish you continued success!


Jenny Patterson
Director of Event Technologies
AVT Event Technologies


“...one of the most amazing corporate acts I’ve seen in years! An absolute pleasure to work with and left the audience wanting more”

Peter Jones                              

Managing Director                          

Peter Jones Special Events 


“I would just like to say a big thank you from the ennovative team for inviting us to the IPOS2012 event, it was an amazing summit with the entertainment [Donovan & Rebecca] surpassing the Cirque Du Soleil shows I had seen in Vegas last year.”

N Lerington                        

ennovative web solutions

Hello Donovan and Rebecca,

Just wanted to say both of you were exquisitely beautiful last night.  Keep up the superb work.  I’d absolutely pay to see you in Vegas, or anywhere else.

The touch of beauty

the nimbleness of grace

they twirl above the crowd

with strength and a tender rhythm's pace

like swan’s of glory

an acrobatic dance with passion’s flame



Norfolk Virginia

“...This is a must see performance!  All can say is WOW!...breathtaking, sensual, suspenseful, beautiful, and totally awe-inspiring!...”

ENTS24 Reader


 “Hi Matthew,

...I particularly enjoyed the entertainment provided at the gala dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance from [Donovan and Rebecca], they are undoubtedly world class entertainers and way above the standard that I was expecting at an industry summit. You have now set the highest standard for others to follow and I appreciated the opportunity to attend.”


 Peter Taylor

 Principle consultant - Rail Operations


High energy and hugely entertaining - I couldn't take my eyes off the




As a sponsor of the IPOS 2012 Summit in Adelaide,

arranged by Solve IT Software Pty Ltd,

I had the fortune to attend the Summit dinner.  

The audience had the privilege of being entertained by

Internationally renowned and three-time world record holders Donovan and Rebecca. We were treated to a

sensational and breath-taking performance, of strength, balance, grace and sheer beauty.  

The performance had it all - singing, acrobatics, aerial displays and precision movement which astounded.    Rebecca and Donovan were amazing, with a performance that mesmerised us all.

If you get the opportunity I would highly recommend seeing these outstanding performers for a

truly uplifting experience.  


Mike Richards (FCPA, GAICD)



Although I have come across some amazing shows in Las Vegas and other travels that feature feats of strength and acrobatics, nothing could prepare me for the jaw dropping, gravity defying performance of Donovan and Rebecca.  Having seen their full show twice, I can honestly say it is now difficult to sit through any other performance or act. Theirs is, without a doubt, the greatest show on earth.


Matthew Michalewicz

SolveIT Software Pty Ltd



“I have worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jim Lorimer on the Arnold Classic Body Building event for the past 23 years.  I have supplied some of the greatest performing artists, for this event, ever seen in the entertainment business. 

This year was the first time we EVER had a team that was as Multi talented as Donovan & Rebecca.

I look forward to working with Donovan & Rebecca again in the very near future.”




Chuck Harris,

President of Visual Arts Group

L.A., C.A  

Hi Donovan and Rebecca:


Thank you so very much again for your performance this weekend [RITZ CARLTON, NY]. 

As an Event Producer for Hank Lane Music, your professionalism, attention to detail and phenomenally entertaining presentation for our clients was both enjoyed and very much appreciated. 

Truly, it was an absolute pleasure working with you both and I hope to have the opportunity to work together again in the future.


All the best,


Kim Kaufman

Event Producer

Hank Lane Music & Productions

New York, NY


WOW! This show was breathtaking.

Never did I think going on a cruise would I see such a caliber of talent.

ENTS24 Reader

“After seeing Rebecca & Donovan perform...”, “we knew they would be spectacular for our WorldGala21 Awards Show.  Our audience, made up of guests from around the world, was blown away with the strength, style and grace of their remarkable performances and exquisite costumes.  You could hear a pin drop when they performed their opening scene...”  “The house exploded with applause after each of their breathtaking performances...” “...and the mind-blowing finale...” “Truly thrilling, Donovan & Rebecca were the perfect entertainment for our Wellness International Network Gala event.

Sheri Matthews

Director of Marketing

Wellness International Network


Hi Donovan and Rebecca,

I just wanted to thank you for performing at our event! Your performances were absolutely beautiful and you left the guests in awe!

I hope to work again with you soon.

Thanks again!


GENNY AAMOTH / associate producer


Hi Donovan and Rebecca,


Thanks for being here with us in India and Wowing the Indian Audiences with your fantastic act. We appreciate your presence and commitment.

Must say that it was such a pleasure working with you guys. Everyone at Showspace and Tango are mighty impressed with your professionalism and your commitment to deliver the best to your producers.


Good Luck and God Bless!



Krishnan Hariharan.



Chennai - 600 041.


Hi Rebecca and Donovan,


Thanks goes to you for presenting such an excellent and well-received show! You were phenomenal tonight!!!

You were absolutely AMAZING[At the Liberty Theater on Broadway] !!!!. Everyone loved you…. ;)


THANK YOU for that marvelous performance!!!


Warmest regards,  

 Monika Olszewski



Dear Rebecca & Donovan,


I hope you had a good trip back to home and have good memories from your visit here in Australia. Your performance at our event last month was truly amazing and people are still commenting on how much they enjoyed it.

Nancy Tombazos

Senior Consultant
Saxton Speakers Bureau

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Hi Donovan,

We were so excited about incorporating you into our event!!!  Thanks so much for the show last - it was amazing

Warm Regards,

Nicole Bankhead, SMMC

Global Project Manager



Dear Donovan & Rebecca,

 Once again, my sincere thanks for your fabulous performance at our Monte Carlo Ball.  The evening was such a resounding success.

Warmest regards,


 The Dream Factory

E: info@yourdreamfactory.org

W: www.yourdreamfactory.org