Donovan and Rebecca: What else can I say, other than, WOW. Rebecca’s strength is incredible. I think they have a great relationship, and that chemistry makes the act even better. They have been one of my top acts since the beginning, just because I can tell how difficult it must be, yet it seems as if they do it with such ease.

“This is a spectacular, spectacular, act!... You can hear the crowd going crazy... Every time you see it, it is remarkable."

Howard Stern



Simon Cowell

Britain’s Got Talent

You are officially amazing!!


“This show is about the WOW factor, and I think we all just went: WOW!”

Pierce Morgan


“in the West End-style Royal Court Theatre, where headline shows ...include a concert by renowned flautist James Galway and the astonishing prospect of the husband-and-wife "acrobalance act"... Donovan and Rebecca are quite capable of twirling each other aloft on little more than their pinkie fingers and with barely a tremble; they have the Guinness World Records titles to prove it.”

The Australian

“...Standout Acts: Donovan and Rebecca 

– This insanely ripped husband-wife acrobatic duo impressed with a demonstration of brute strength in their first audition. This time around? Rebecca whipped around at a freakishly fast pace giving us nausea (in a good way) just watching...”

The Best of the Best: If you watched Britain’s Got Talent, you might have seen couple Donovan and Rebecca perform a few years back. Back then, they were known as Crazeehorse, but they now go under their real names. Their acro-balance act is nothing new as we’ve seen other performers like them on AGT before. We even saw a lady support and lift a man in previous years as Rebecca and Donovan did. However, the latter offered a more impressive routine with rather unique moves that we haven’t seen in the past. This amazing routine was deemed “fresh and spectacular” by Howard, “a love scene from a scifi movie” by Sharon, and “amazing” by Howie.

“Donovan and Rebecca - The most impressive act of the night. I was spellbound by this. Absolutely incredible.”

“Do you think you’re possibly the most flexible or strongest person out there? Then you should measure yourself next to Donovan and Rebecca, an acro-balance couple who are likely to put you to shame. Rebecca shows that girls can be mighty strong when they want to be, carrying Donovan right off the bat. Their moves are so crazy great that it has Sharon on the verge of tears. “I thought I was watching a love scene from a sci-fi movie,” says Sharon. And yes, obviously these two move forward.”

“One of the most unique and powerful acts in NYC was the married couple Donovan and Rebecca, a pair of acrobats, dancers, and aerial artists. The control and discipline it took to do what they were doing was simply stunning. This was a strange and beautiful performance. Stern called it “spectacular,” while Sharon said she felt like she was watching “a love scene out of a sci-fi movie. Beautiful.” The act ended with Rebecca holding a pose that sat Donovan’s entire body weight on her pelvic and ab area. Really amazing!”

The flow of talent surged afterward, as acro-balance artists, Donovan and Rebecca, brought beauty and bold moves in an incredible display of strength and sensuality, at one point, holding each other up just by touching hands! Sharon Osbourne said watching them was like seeing "a science fiction movie love scene," Howie Mandel also concurred with their sexy strength, and Howard Stern said their act was "spectacular."

Feats of strength on "America's Got Talent".

Donovan & Rebecca, an acro-balance act, showed the lean and muscular Rebecca lifting her 200-pound husband off the floor. At times, the husband and wife moved as if they were a single person.

Donovan and Rebecca’s acrobalance act impresses on America’s Got Talent

May 23rd, 2012 in America's Got Talent.

Initially we had to stifle a giggle when we sawDonovan and Rebecca‘s white superhero-esque costumes on America’s Got Talent. Like, who needs ripped abs when you can just wear a suit with abs drawn on?

Of course, when they took to the stage with their jaw-dropping acrobalance act, the joke was on us. A husband and wife act, Donovan and Rebecca have clearly put a lot of work into their bodies, and they proved this in New York
when they did an amazing display of strength, agility and balance.

The power and control these two had was staggering, but they managed to combine it with a certain elegance that made the whole audition beautiful to watch. And that finishing move – how many of us can balance like this:

What the judges said:

  1. 1.Howard Stern: You know, so many times we say we’re sick of the same singers and dancers. You came out with something really fresh, and I love it. I thought it was really spectacular.

  2. 2.Sharon Osbourne: You know, I thought I was watching a love scene from a sci-fi movie. It was from another planet. It was really, really entertaining.

  3. 3.Howie Mandel: How much do you weight, sir? 200lbs? And she’s lifting that up. I can’t imagine that anybody in this room could do it even without any grace.

An enthusiastic judging panel sent the couple through to Las Vegas. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next time either!


“...Among the standouts:

Donovan Jones and Rebecca Peache -- the incredibly-agile husband-and-wife team known as Donovan and Rebecca -- impressed the crowd with a nimble performance punctuated by an exhilarating finish in which they were suspended from each other’s necks over the stage on a trapeze. The crowd delivered a standing ovation at the end of the act.

"This is a spectacular act, you can hear the crowd going crazy…I believe the strength of this act is, Rebecca is so strong," the outspoken Howard said. "Every time you see it, is is remarkable."

Sharon joked that she could grate cheese on Rebecca's abs.

Howie was equally moved, adding unique acts like Donovan and Rebecca are precisely what separates America's Got Talent from other TV talent shows.

"AGT is the only place you can see an act like this…you can see a dancer somewhere else, you can see a singer somewhere else…I've never seen anything like this."

Next we had the gymnast lovers, Donovan and Rebecca, who showed off their insane feats of human strength! And for the first time of the night I was wildly impressed! Some of the moves they pulled off were really kind of mind-blowing and happily the judges agreed!

Donovan & Rebecca
The strongest married couple you’ve ever seen returned, but they simply go by Donovan & Rebecca.  In an attempt to showcase Rebecca’s strength, Rebecca lifted her husband while wearing high-heeled stiletto boots.  She also balanced her entire body on Donovan’s shoulder, and performed a couple neck hang maneuver.  If that sounds complicated, it involves Donovan hanging from an aerial bar while Rebecca hangs from his neck, supported only by a double neck strap.  It’s not the typical couple bonding activity, but it caused the judges to fawn all over the strapping duo.  Women of the world take note, Rebecca was always incredibly strong and awesome, and the second she did all the same things in high-heels, people lost it.  Infer from that what you will.

I love Donovan and Rebecca. They are immense. Tonight they're showcasing Rebecca's strength, as Howard recommended. She lifts herself all over, then lifts Donovan, then lifts him IN HEELS and I was like "OMG GIRL!" Then he lifted her by the neck in a way that didn't strangle either of them. Superb. Already, Howie and Sharon declare that this act should be one of the three acts going through.

Donovan and Rebecca -- Aerialists

Another one of my regular favorites, Donovan and Rebecca continued to make their balancing tricks look far easier than they really are, incorporating a rather scary looking neck hang and ditching their glittery ethereal costumes for black leather and studs. The general consensus among the judges was "amazing" and "fantastic."

Donovan and Rebecca: This acrobatic husband-wife duo has thrived on its awe-inspiring strength: Rebecca has continually demonstrated her ability to lift Donovan, who is built like a Mack truck. The duo highlighted that quality last night as Rebecca picked up Donovan while hanging upside down from a trapeze. Later, she held him at a 180-degree angle, while wearing stiletto boots. "Every time you see it it’s remarkable," Stern said of the pair's act. "You really deserve to be in our finals," added Osbourne.

Read more:

Acro-balance and aerial act Donovan and Rebecca. Mandel said, "I've never seen anything like this."

Donovan and Rebecca

gave an amazing performance

on the America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals.  Tonight’s act was more dangerous than before, and these two are praying the Don’s father, a self-taught acrobat, will live to see them in Vegas. This act featured ribbon-hanging acrobatics, and only Don is standing between Rebecca and a really bad fall. They even include a kiss for luck before the big finish! Always great for dramatic effect, and I think it worked. It warmed my heart, and I think, the heart of America. Sharon wished Don father a happy birthday, and says their act was seamless – simply amazing. Howie could sense the love and the passion in their performance. Howard loves Rebecca’s strength the most about them and reminds them to never lose that in their act.


"Donovan and Rebecca" - married couple Donovan Jones and Rebecca Peache - showed off their incredible acrobatic strength as they lifted and twirled themselves around each other, not an ounce of body fat between them. The crowd went crazy.

Donovan & Rebecca 

-By far, these two may be some of the best acrobats we have ever seen on “America’s Got Talent.” Ever. Watching Rebecca spin around effortlessly while gripped onto a rope was really a thing of beauty.

“you truly are...not only great entertainers, and great athletes but, there’s so much emotion, and such passion in what you do.  I mean,  you can sense the love...”

Howie Mandel

America’s Got Talent

“You’re an amazing act!  I’ve said it from the beginning!  Your strength...  The two of you are a beautiful couple to watch!  Bravo!  Well done!  You guys are tremendous!

Howard Stern

America’s Got Talent

“Wow!  Donovan and Rebecca...Aww...  So lovely! 

So powerful!  So strong!”

Nick Cannon

America’s Got Talent

“I love you too!...Every time we see you you do something completely different, and I really respect that!

Sharon Osbourne

America’s Got Talent